• Fortnite Tournaments

    Fortnite Tournaments

    A member of the Commons insisted on this and asked Pence if he did not consider it necessary for Epic to comply with the laws on data regulation and age verification of the players. The company's legal manager's response was blunt: We don't have to.

    Before the new surprise of the parliamentarians, the lawyer explained: If you are a PlayStation user, all those transactions go through PlayStation, so it is they who have the relationship with the user. It is the same with Nintendo, with Apple or with Xbox. We don't own that account, we don't own that payment. 

    In her turn, EA Vice President of Legal Affairs Kerry Hopkins defended that the loot boxes of her video games are very ethical. He compared them to toys like Kinder eggs and proposed the term game mechanics to refer to them instead of the current name.

    Hopkins assured that in EA the lootboxes are not known that way, and that from the company they are seen as surprise mechanics: We believe that the way in which we have implemented these mechanics in FIFA and in the FIFA Ultimate Team packs ( FUT) is actually very ethical, fun and enjoyable for people. 

    The FIFA series is one of the videogames in which the greatest focus has been placed in relation to the loot boxes of its FUT card mode, in which the best players and content can appear randomly, and which are purchased in exchange for FIFA Points virtual currency, which can be purchased for real money.

    Gaming administrations in some countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia do not consider lootboxes as gambling. On the other hand, those of other countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands have understood it that way. According to Hopkins, this is because they have very different interpretations of the law at the local level.

    On this matter, Epic Games assures that the loot boxes problem does not affect purchases in Fortnite, since all purchases of aesthetic elements directly show what is being bought, as the director of Marketing of the studio defends, Matthew Weissinger.

    The rumors that pointed to the minority age of the FaZe Clan player are confirmed with the closure of his Twitch channel, which has made this decision after verifying that the team falsified its age so that it could play Fortnite tournaments and also perform direct in the streaming page.

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