• Fortnite world cup

    Fortnite world cup

    They have been able to identify and delete 1,200 accounts of these characteristics in the online tournament of the Fortnite world cup, which began in April. They eliminated accounts for trying to exceed the limits of the region established in the game and others linked to players who shared accounts.

    Creative Mode came to Fortnite in December last year and thanks to it players can design their own maps as if it were Minecraft. With a new feature, the game is receiving scenarios of all kinds, such as one inspired by Pokémon Red in great detail.

    User FiveWalnut8586 is the author of this achievement and shared it on Reddit. This recreation has cost him about two months of work, since it covers from the beginning of the game to Mount Moon.

    It is only the first part, so the continuation of the adventure may come soon. Pueblo Paleta, Bosque Verde or even Ciudad Plataada are on this map. In fact, in the first Pokémon gym there is a recreation of a stone Onix that will have to be shot in the forehead to exploit it, simulating a combat against him.

    Lootboxes from video games these days occupy members of the House of Commons (the lower house) of the UK Parliament. Its Committee on Digital Affairs, Culture, Media and Sports is listening to the opinion of the parties involved. In the last session, two studio managers spoke: Eletronic Arts (EA) and Epic Games.

    The parliamentarians addressed the issue of immersive and addictive technologies, focusing on three video games, the FIFA (EA) saga, Fortnite (Epic) and Candy Crush (King), for being the titles that accumulate the most users. It was in this context that the Fortnite study assured that regulating the data and verifying the age of the gamers is not their job.

    That's what Canon Pence, legal advisor at Epic Games said. He was asked about the management of the personal data of the players of the best-selling Fortnite, and not only of that title. And more specifically, about the lack of a process to verify the age of users.

    The Epic Games lawyer surprised more than one by saying that his intention is to collect a minimum amount of player data they need to provide them with the requested goods and services: If you enter a game through Sony, all the data and their account information goes through them, purchases are made through Sony. We actually only see one PlayStation player join Fortnite that way. 

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