• Fortnite World Cup with the consent of Epic Games

    After Turner 'Tfue' Teeney's complaint, he was targeting the 12-year-old real-name player Patrick, who has falsified his age in order to meet the requirements of various eSports companies. And not only he, it seems, the team he plays on encouraged the family to lie to sustain the charade.

    Although Twitch has not issued any statement talking about the closure of the professional player channel, a journalist specialized in video games has discovered that it has been closed for no apparent reason, although everything indicates that it is due to the falsification of age, as Xataka eSports reports.

    If that was the reason, it would mean that Patrick has been cheating on the platform for a year, which does not allow users under the age of 13 to broadcast videos on the page, the same limit as other websites such as YouTube, or even professional Fortnite tournaments. .

    Apparently, the minor has pretended to be older in order to play in competitions and thus take advantage of his signature, agreeing on contracts with brands and franchises and profiting from it.

    Until the streaming platform does not issue a statement about the reasons that have led to the closure of the channel, we will have to wait to see if we will see this player compete again or we will have to wait until he really reaches the minimum necessary age.

    Happy is the Fortnite community with their study. It turns out that two cheating players have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup. And they have done so with the consent of Epic Games.

    The players are Xxif and Ronaldo, two professionals from Epic's hit battle royale. In late April they were declassified from Fortnite tournaments for cheating. As Level Up tells, what they did was rig the games with other players, who allowed themselves to be killed.

    In this way they accumulated points and were put at the top of the rankings (in Fortnite points are earned with each player who is eliminated). They were banned, but only for two weeks.

    In any case, the gamer community does not like to have cheats and even less that they are separated from the video game but not permanently. That is, that Fortnite fans are angry with Epic.

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